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Welcome to Thornton Dental Centre

Dentistry at Thornton Dental Centre is a pleasant and calming experience. When you are in our care, you are the most important person. From our initial consultation onwards, we promise to do our best. We follow a holistic approach to dental care. We take a person's overall health and well-being into consideration in everything we do. This includes reducing your exposure to dental toxins and unnecessary radiation to as little as possible. 

Holistic dentistry is a gentler alternative to conventional dentistry. It is more about whole person care of the mouth, using non-toxic dental restorative materials, microbiological control of gum infections, and more.

What happens at my first appointment?

The first visit to our office consists of a complete exam of your head, neck, teeth, soft tissues and gums. We start with a medical and dental history. We will also document all of the things we see going on in your mouth both good and bad. Digital radiographs (x-rays) may be advised and then the findings discussed with you. A treatment plan will be formulated for you. Then a consultation may take place to educate you on the different treatment options that are available as well as answer any questions that you may have. 

Written estimates will be provided for all major treatment plans, and upon request, for routine procedures. If you have insurance coverage, we can help with submitting the treatment proposals to your insurance company on your behalf to determine your insurance benefits before commencing any dental work. If for any reason the insurance company does not cover or pay for a procedure, and you opt to proceed with the procedure, then payment will be required upon completion of the treatment.

If you have any concerns about insurance coverage, please bring them to the attention of our Reception team. They will try their best to help you navigate through the jargons of the insurance coverage.